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  • Mrs F Kent - Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs S Milling - Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Assistant Headteachers

  • Mrs S Milling
  • Mrs M Newboult


  • Mrs C McGeachie - Deputy Safeguarding Officer

School Administration

  • Mrs M Frayne (Senior Administrator/Bursar)
  • Mrs V Brader (Administrator)
  • Mrs P Green (Safeguarding and Behaviour Officer)- Deputy Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs S Buckley (SENDCO Assistant and Inclusion Officer)
  • Miss E Thorpe (Apprentice Administrator)
  • Mrs J Coster (Clerk to the Governors)

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs K Lyons (Reception)
  • Miss L Hall (Reception)
  • Mrs S Milling (Y1)
  • Miss J Pavier (Y1/Y2)
  • Miss A Daubney (Y2)
  • Mrs R Blockley (Y3)
  • Mr E Nicholls (Y3/Y4)
  • Mrs M Newboult (Y4)
  • Mr D Brown (Y5)
  • Mrs C Waite (Y5/6)
  • Miss L Blinko (Y5/6
  • Miss D Belcher (Y6)

Teaching Assistants

  • Miss A Walker
  • Mrs L Dodds
  • Mrs R Shaw
  • Mrs C Skinner
  • Mrs M Baxter
  • Mrs A Percival
  • Mrs L McCullough
  • Ms A Anthony (HLTA)
  • Miss L Wood
  • Mrs E Foulston
  • Miss Z Clarke
  • Mr K Everitt
  • Mr S Colley
  • Mrs L Holcroft

Midday Supervisors (MSA)

  • Ms A Anthony (Midday Controller)
  • Mrs L McCullough
  • Mrs R Shaw
  • Mrs C Cresswell
  • Miss A Walker
  • Ms S Morgan
  • Miss D Searle
  • Mrs S Brackenbury
  • Mr K Everitt
  • Miss K Acton

Premises staff

  • Mr C Ward (Site Manager)
  • Mrs S Bee